How to sign up for Global Exchange Bybit

Vibit is a global exchange, ranking at the top of the derivatives exchange rankings based on coin market caps. Although its ranking fluctuates, it is an exchange that maintains the top 10 consistently. 바이비트 가입 In recent years, exchanges that are free to deposit and withdraw are limited due to the Special Finance Act and the Upbit Travel Rule. The good news is that the number of registered exchanges in Upbit is increasing, reducing inconvenience.

In the case of Bybit, it was registered in Upbit as an exchange that can be deposited and withdrawn as of 03/29/202. If you trade virtual assets worth more than 1 million won, you can deposit and withdraw money between the two exchanges by going through additional procedures.

However, such deposits and withdrawals also take a long time compared to deposits and withdrawals before the enforcement of the travel rule, which is inconvenient. However, despite this inconvenience, there is a situation in which the use of overseas exchanges must be considered in order to participate in overseas virtual asset projects.

Today, we’re going to look at joining the Bybit Exchange and using it simply use it.

1. Join the bi-bit exchange


You can sign up by cell phone number and email. Usually, we proceed by signing up for an email.

This is the main screen after setting the ID and password and logging in. KYC certification must be carried out first to proceed with deposit and withdrawal according to the implementation of the Tlavel rule. Let’s go into the account and security at the top right.

Let’s check the identity of the account information.

There are two main types of identification.

1. Confirmation of nationality, name, and ID

2. Take a picture of yourself

Since you need a cell phone to take a picture of yourself here, let’s proceed with KYC authentication using a mobile app. Or I have to proceed with the laptop’s webcam, but it’s uncomfortable.

2. Preparing for the transaction

In the case of global exchanges, KRW deposit is not possible. Therefore, virtual assets of domestic exchanges should be transmitted overseas to make transactions.

First, let’s move to the marked place at the top right.

Usually, a lot of riffles are used with low fees and high transmission speed. You can check the deposit address and memo by pressing the deposit button on the ripple.

This is the withdrawal screen of the domestic exchange. What should be noted here is that it is possible to transmit virtual assets only 24 hours after purchasing them in Korea.

Search for a ripple on the upbeat deposit and withdrawal screen. After that, you can enter the quantity and enter the address and destination tag identified by Vibit in the withdrawal application.

If you send money less than 1 million won, you can check the deposit within 5 minutes. In the case of more than that, it takes longer than expected to deposit.

3. General transactions

It is a method of trading virtual assets transmitted in Korea. Let’s enter the mark at the top.

You can search for the type of transaction in the upper left. You can search for the ripple and proceed.

In the case of spot transactions, the method is the same as the domestic exchange. If you have difficulty in English, try using the Korean translation function of Chrome browser. If you sell the transmitted ripple and buy the desired virtual asset, the spot transaction is completed.

4. Futures Transactions

In the case of futures trading, you can move to the red part shown in the image above. Transactions marked in green at the bottom are transactions of other virtual assets using virtual assets. Most trade using USDT.

You can search for virtual assets that you want to trade in the upper left.

In order to make futures transactions, assets must be transferred to futures assets. If you move to the right of the transaction screen, you can transfer it from the marked place.

You can designate the quantity from spot assets to futures assets and transfer it.

This is the order window for futures trading.

If you look at the terminology briefly,

1. Crossing: Use all assets as liquidation target amount

2. Isolation: Only futures assets are used as liquidation targets

3. Limitation price: Transactions at a fixed amount

4. Market price: Transaction at a price that can be traded immediately

5. Multiplication: Multiplication of investment multiples

6. Long: Select Price Increase

7. Short: Select a drop in price

5. Other services

Bybit also provides financial services using virtual assets. It is worth considering if you want to invest a little other than simple trading.

Before the travel rule, it was freely available according to the advantages of each exchange. But now I have to spend extra money and time, so it’s a bit disappointing.

The above posting is not a recommendation for coin buying, selling, and subscribing to the Bybit exchange, so let’s refer to it for simple information.

I hope it will be good information for those who are considering using the Bybit Exchange.