Google SEO Top Exposure Strategy

Breakdown of offline, online businesses
Top exposure on the Internet is important to maximize exposure to your company, product, and brand.
In the end, it’s safe to say that reaching business and marketing is critical.

Business/marketing can be divided into two categories: online marketing, business and offline marketing, and business.

Offline is a big condition for sales to some extent depending on the location, location, and floating population.

An example is that even if you have a good position, you can earn basic sales without marketing or promotion.


Online to Offline Business


But online, there’s no concept of place, location, floating population.

However, if you compare it to the floating population of offline business, there is a thing called ‘traffic’ in online business.

This is the floating population in online business.

Especially in Google, you can think of the search volume as a floating population.




In order for many people to visit and leak frequently, whether it is a website or a blog, it must eventually become a top-level exposure on the search list.

It should be considered that this is the top exposure that online business has a good position and position.


First place image


How to do Google SEO and Google search tips are important to become top exposure on Google, but first of all, it is very important to understand what areas are in Google and what areas are in Google. 톡톡 미디어 If you search with a keyword on Google, you will find it in order of advertising area (Google Ad Wars) / website posting, blog posting / video area / image.


Usually, when it comes to Google’s top exposure, SEO, most of them tend to focus only on web posting after analyzing keywords by producing content.

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The basic concept of SEO, what is SEO?

Need for SEO

However, as I mentioned, Google Search does not only have websites and blogging areas.

There are other areas such as advertising, videos, and images. And that means that all of these things have to be addressed for Google’s top exposure.

After researching attractive keywords on Google AdWords’ keyword planner, it is very difficult to expose the top with highly competitive keywords.

Therefore, if it is difficult to expose the top with keywords that are already highly competitive, you should try to expose the top with videos and advertisements.

In the case of advertising, it is not easy to do this either if it does not meet the expected return on the investment amount because it costs money.

Then, you should try Google’s top exposure by focusing on the video area or the image area, not even posting.


In conclusion, when doing Google search top exposure and SEO, it is necessary to target not only in the posting and advertising areas, but also in the video and image areas in a strategic way that fits each part.

It is an important channel because there are a lot of internal searches on YouTube.

In terms of content production, creating videos has a much lower entry barrier than posting.

YouTube images

The growth of websites and blogs is important in online marketing, but YouTube channels,


You can also pay attention to the area of video, so you can create high-level exposure in YouTube search and Google search, not simply growing YouTube channels.



Google SEO Top Exposure Strategic Conclusion

Offline businesses vary in size depending on location and location
Online business has no place, no location concept.
It’s not just web posting to get top exposure on Google
Top exposure is also possible in video, image, and advertising areas (entry barriers are still low)